Travel to Chile

Chile is 2,700 miles in length, spanning a huge variety of landscapes and regional cultures. The Andes run the length of the country, forming its border with Argentina. In the north, landscapes vary between the desolate Atacama Desert, the country’s modern capital of Santiago and Chile’s famous wineries. Further south, encounter northern Patagonia’s Lake District. Even deeper south, the land begins to break apart into thousands of islands and fjords, peaks and glaciers. This is Southern Patagonia Chile, home to world-renowned Torres del Paine Park.
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Southern Argentina and Chile share an immense expanse known as Patagonia. Sculpted by massive glaciers, these Andes were transformed into the peaks and spires that are among the most arresting mountain destinations on earth. In addition to epic scenery and the gaucho culture, the region hosts plentiful wildlife. Length: 13 Days/12 Nights
Season: October – March
Land Cost: from $6,345
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Torres del Paine Park is one of the world’s most stunning mountain destinations. This wonderful, soul-inspiring wilderness offers what many feel is South America’s best hiking experience. Towering above it all are the awe-inspiring spires whose near-vertical walls are world-renowned. Paine should be on every hiker’s list. Length: 10 Days/9 Nights
Season: November – March
Land Cost: from $4,715
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Chile and Argentina’s Lake District is one of the most arrestingly beautiful destinations in the world! Dazzling turquoise lakes are showcased in some of South America’s top national parks. On this first-class vacation, active days are complimented by comfortable nights at some of the area’s finest hotels and lodges. Length: 11 Days/10 Nights
Season: October – April
Land Cost: from $5,895
Length: 5 Days/4 Nights from Santiago
Season: October – April
One of the most isolated islands in the world, with enormous stone figures erected hundreds of years ago, Easter Island is a land shrouded in enigma in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Spend 3 full days to explore this fascinating island.
Length: 4 Days/3 Nights
Season: Year-round
The driest desert on the planet, the starkly desolate, but unique, Atacama Desert in northern Chile, with its canyons, salt lakes, geysers, hot springs, and volcanic peaks, make it ideal for active nature lovers.
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Length: 4 Days/3 Nights
Season: Mid-October – Mid-April
A lovely region of rolling hills, glacier-clad volcanoes and sparkling lakes, the Lake District is a natural gem of Patagonia Chile. Travel through spectacular landscapes, including a hike on Osorno Volcano.
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Length: 4-5 Days from Punta Arenas and Ushuaia
Season: October – March
Discover the marvels of Patagonia by land and by sea aboard the 210-passenger Stella Australis and the new sister vessel, the M/V Ventus Australis. Round-trip and one-way routes are available. Australis was selected as #1 Small Ocean cruises in Travel & Leisure World’s Best Awards 2016.