Travel Insurance

You have planned and invested in your trip.
Travel Insurance can protect that investment!

Southwind Adventures offers travel insurance through Travel Insured International (TII). You have the option of purchasing coverage with TII or an insurance company of your choice. Either way, we require that the Southwind Travel Insurance Waiver be completed and returned to our office indicating your decision about insurance.

TII offers several coverage plans. We strongly encourage one of the Comprehensive Plans for all Southwind trips because of the Trip Cancellation benefit. View Travel Insured International’s Comprehensive Protection Plans

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TII only covers U.S. or Canadian residents leaving from a U.S. or Canada-based airport.

The TII plan we recommend the most is the Worldwide Trip Protector (WTP), the blue colored plan. It can be purchased up until the day before you leave, but the sooner you purchase it, the sooner you are covered for unexpected events like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or injury. It is a comprehensive, age-rated plan which offers free coverage for kids under 18 with related adult.

If you, your traveling companion or a family member has a pre-existing medical condition, you should purchase the WTP policy within 21 days of your deposit in order to be reimbursed for non-refundable costs if a recurrence of the condition forces you to cancel your trip (some restrictions apply). To qualify for this 21 day benefit, you need to protect the full non-refundable cost of your trip, not be disabled from travel when you purchase the plan, and this must be the first and only booking for this same destination and dates of travel.

Additional benefits include the ability to upgrade and customize your protection according to your needs. You can add optional “Cancel for Work Reasons” and “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage if you purchase the plan with 21 days of your deposit. You will receive free Identity Theft Assistance, 24-hour Concierge Assistance and Pet Care protection. Other benefits may apply.

To Purchase:

Upon reserving your trip, your Southwind Travel Consultant will email you a personalized Travel Insured — Comprehensive Protection Plan quote, or you can click here to view coverage details and purchase online (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or check).

Contact Southwind if you have any questions regarding coverage or to request policy brochures and applications.