Argentina’s Patagonia Region Offers Both Opulent and Intrepid Adventures

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By Karen Loftus, Guest Blogger

Argentina’s capital city and Patagonia make for the perfect pair for sophisticated South American travel. After your cultural kick off you can dive in the deep end of Argentine adventure. If heading over this land is but a bit of what you can expect… Continue reading

Mendoza, Argentina – A Rising Star in Wine & Mountain Tourism!

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By Tom Damon, Southwind President & Adventure Travel Specialist

On a recent visit to Santiago and the Chilean coast at the end of March, my wife Kelly and I flew 1 hour over the Andes to take in the emerging wine region of Mendoza. In this temperate zone tucked away on the eastern slope of the snow-capped mountains, peaks such as Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas, rise to 22,834 ft. Here couples and groups of friends will find the ideal place to Continue reading

How to Plan a Seamless Adventure Trip to Patagonia

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By: Tom Damon, Southwind President & Adventure Travel Specialist

I recently re-visited the Chilean and Argentinean sides of Patagonia to review top level accommodations and test out excursions. The first decision to make in planning a successful Patagonia trip is to be realistic with what you could do with your time allotted. Here’s my advice: Continue reading

New HOT Destination: Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena de Indias. Photo courtesy of ProColombia.

by: Dana Johnson, Southwind Director & Adventure Travel Specialist

At Southwind Adventures we like to keep our finger on the pulse of Latin America and its hidden treasures. For the past ten years we’ve been watching as Colombia grew into one of the newest must-sees in South America. Make no mistake, Colombia is not the politically charged country of the 1990’s. Though still riddled with the perception of guerilla warfare and drug cartels by people stuck in the 1980’s, Colombia has blossomed Continue reading

Top 12 Reasons to Visit Chile’s Atacama Desert, the DRIEST Place on Earth!


by: Dana Johnson & Luis Felipa

Having such an otherworldly appearance, the majestic Atacama Desert of Northern Chile has been compared to the surface of Mars. So similar to our neighboring planet, NASA has even tested instruments designed for their Mars missions in this region. The Atacama Desert sees an average of less than .004 inches of rain per year and some areas have not had rainfall for over 400 years. As one of the rising travel destinations in South America, why should you visit Atacama? Below are the top reasons to explore this unique and magical place. It can be reached by a 2 hour flight from Santiago to Calama, followed by 1.5 hour scenic drive to San Pedro de Atacama (elev 7,898 ft), the base for our adventures. Continue reading

12 Exceptional Restaurants in Cusco, Peru

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by: Dana Johnson

Peru is fast becoming a top travel destination on any foodie’s bucketlist. While Machu Picchu remains as the main highlight in any extraordinary Peru voyage, it is important to know the top dining establishments in the friendly and historical city of Cusco–gateway to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the famous hilltop citadel. Continue reading

10 Fabulous Beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has nearly 300 different tropical beaches along its stunning Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, each with a unique draw and distinct setting. Virgin rainforest with exotic animals, nesting sites for sea turtles, long beaches with white sand, amazing snorkeling, sea kayaking, surfing and swimming – you name it! These beautiful beaches in Costa Rica offer incomparable adventures for nature lovers! Continue reading