SWA Signature Small Group Adventures

27th anniversarySouthwind offers an exciting array of scheduled, small group, first-class adventures. Each of our signature trips promises vetted, beyond-the-ordinary activities by top Southwind guides. We place an emphasis on authentic travel experiences that combine native cultures, natural history and outdoor activities such as walking and trekking.
Keep in mind that you can customize any adventure with as few as 4-6 in your party!

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On a Southwind signature trip, you’ll join a small group (never more than 12, usually between 6 and 10) of like-minded traveling companions. Southwind programs consistently attract thoughtful world travelers who are repelled by the idea of being herded from site to site. They are innately inquisitive and relish the idea of authentic, immersive and active travel. They are individuals from all walks of life who subscribe to a healthy lifestyle and who are responsible, well-informed citizens with a sense of adventure and a strong respect for nature and local cultures. If you are a single traveler, contact us to find out which departures have small groups forming that you can join.


Our signature trips vary in levels of physical difficulty. We’ve rated them on a scale from Grade I to Grade III. See our trip ratings for more info. Contact our Travel Consultants to discuss which Grade is right for you, how two trips compare, weather conditions to expect, best time to join or any other question.

See our Calendar for a full list of signature trips and group departure dates.

A classic tour of Cusco, the Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu. To better understand the Incas and traditional Quechua culture, walk through engrossing ruins and stroll quiet village streets. On market day, join farmers in colorful attire and meet with master weavers to learn about their craft. Enjoy two nights at Machu Picchu.
Length: 9 Days/8 Nights
Season: April – December
Land Cost: from $4,285
Thousands of miles of roadways crisscrossed the Inca kingdom, connecting Amazon jungles and highland valleys to Cusco, the Inca capital. One 25-mile stretch connects the Sacred Valley to a number of Inca sites. Known as the Inca Trail, this stone-paved route leads through the Sun’s Gate to Machu Picchu.
Length: 10 Days/9 Nights
Season: April – December
Land Cost: from $4,315
A worthy alternative to the Inca Trail, trekking the trails of the Urubamba Range is a walk back in time. This region is populated with scattered Quechua communities, enclaves of traditional culture that have, thus far, escaped the encroachment of modern society.
Length: 11 Days/10 Nights
Season: April – mid-November
Land Cost: from $4,895
south america for kids
A colorful family-oriented itinerary through Peru’s Sacred Valley, colonial city of Cusco, and magnificent Machu Picchu. Find experience-rich interactive fun for kids and fine dining and creature comforts for parents – all combined with active outdoor adventure and eye-opening cultural exchanges that everyone can share.
Length: 9 Days/8 Nights
Season: April – December
Land Cost: from $4,265
Ecuador’s central valley, a majestic region interspersed with centuries-old colonial farms or “haciendas”, features some of South America’s most beautiful countryside. Still working an array of patchwork fields, these haciendas have opened their doors to visitors wanting to be swept away to another time.
Length: 9 Days/8 Nights
Season: Year-round
Land Cost: from $4,245
Southern Argentina and Chile share an immense expanse known as Patagonia. Sculpted by massive glaciers, these Andes were transformed into the peaks and spires that are among the most arresting mountain destinations on earth. In addition to epic scenery and the gaucho culture, the region hosts plentiful wildlife.
Length: 13 Days/12 Nights
Season: October – March
Land Cost: from $6,345
Torres del Paine Park is one of the world’s most stunning mountain destinations. This wonderful, soul-inspiring wilderness offers what many feel is South America’s best hiking experience. Towering above it all are the awe-inspiring spires whose near-vertical walls are world-renowned. Paine should be on every hiker’s list.
Length: 10 Days/9 Nights
Season: November – March
Land Cost: from $4,715
Chile and Argentina’s Lake District is one of the most arrestingly beautiful destinations in the world! Dazzling turquoise lakes are showcased in some of South America’s top national parks. On this first-class vacation, active days are complimented by comfortable nights at some of the area’s finest hotels and lodges.
Length: 11 Days/10 Nights
Season: October – April
Land Cost: from $5,895