Travel Insurance Waiver

This is a required form due back to Southwind Adventures (SWA) as soon as possible
(no later than 60 days prior to departure) indicating your insurance preference

SWA highly recommends all participants protect themselves and their trip investment by purchasing an accredited travel insurance protection plan. For U.S. Residents departing from a U.S. city, we offer several plans through Travel Insured International (TII) in Hartford, CT. Canadians can purchase similar coverage to TII through Travel Guard Canada. Policies can be conveniently reviewed and purchased online through our website.
See SWA Travel Insurance Information

I understand fully that there are non-refundable expenses involved in preparing for a travel program such as the one in which I plan to participate. I have read Southwind Adventures' Terms and Conditions noting the company's policies regarding trip cancellations and refunds.

I have received and/or reviewed the Travel Insurance Information offered by SWA.

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 I am purchasing SWA-recommended insurance through TII

 I have chosen NOT to take out a travel insurance policy

 I have elected to purchase a policy through a different provider

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