Travel to the Amazon

The world’s greatest river, Amazon, flows 4,000 miles, creating the Amazon Basin area that spans parts of Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. Lured by tales of intrigue, exploration and grandeur, Amazon adventures have beckoned nature-loving travelers since 1542.

Amazonia is home to the world’s largest tropical forest and is considered by many to be the last great wilderness on earth holding a promise for the planet’s future in its abundant wildlife and natural resources.

Home to at least one of every 10 species known on earth, the Amazon Basin is teeming with life.
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PERU AMAZON CRUISE (aboard the M/V Aria)
This voyage takes us deep into the world’s greatest wilderness through an ever-changing vista of lush tropical rainforest. Our riverboat, one of the most luxurious in the Peruvian Amazon, plies these waters with comfort, elegance and attentive service, affording superb wildlife viewing from her observation deck.
Length: 10 Days/9 Nights (7 Days/6 Nights also available)
Season: Year-round
Land Cost: from $4,835
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This region, known as Amazonia, and has beckoned explorers since the Spaniard Orellana first navigated the river in 1542. Using an air-conditioned, 18-passenger riverboat as our base, we watch for birds in the treetops, fish for piranha in black water streams, search for caiman at night, and visit local river communities.
Length: 10 Days/9 Nights
Season: March – December
Land Cost: from $5,175
Southwind Adventures works with a select few Amazon river cruise vessels, carefully choosing the foremost ships operating on the Peruvian Amazon River. To ensure the best quality experience for our travelers, we select leading cruise vessels based on the criteria of safety, comfort, guides, and itineraries.

amazon river cruise vessel
Type: 42 passenger motorized luxury riverboat
Length: 169 ft
Cabin size: 237 to 597 sq ft
The Delfin III is the largest of the Delfin vessels, a new addition to luxury cruising in the Peruvian Amazon, launching Januar 2017. With just 22 suites, the Delfin III provides a luxurious and intimate venue from which to learn about one of the world’s most important waterways.
amazon river cruise vessel
Type: 38 passenger motorized luxury riverboat
Length: 162 ft
Cabin size: 226 to 480 sq ft
The M/V Zafiro is a floating five-star hotel that will draw you into the world of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Admire the beauty of the National Reserve and relax onboard with amenities like a Jacuzzi and first-class dining. Beginning in October 2015, M/V Zafiro will feature 4-day, 5-day, and 8-day itineraries.
amazon river cruise vessel
Type: 8-12 passenger motorized luxury riverboat
Length: 69 ft
Cruising speed: 8 knots
Cabin size: 340 to 360 sq ft
Launched in early 2006, M/V Delfin I is the original luxury Amazon vessel, setting the standards for quality and sophistication. It was fully refurbished in 2010. Delfin I is also the smallest and most exclusive, with only 4 suites total.
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Type: 28 passenger motorized luxury riverboat
Length: 120 ft
Cruising speed: 8 – 10 knots
Cabin size: 210 to 230 sq ft
Delfin II was launched in 2009 to extend the Delfin’s tradition of casual yet refined elegance in Amazon river cruising. Larger than its sister vessel, Delfin II has a total of 14 cabins: 10 suites and 4 master suites.
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Type: 32 passenger motorized luxury riverboat
Length: 147 ft
Cruising speed: 12 knots
Cabin size: 240 sq ft
In the wake of the M/V Aqua’s great success, its creators conceived of a sister ship of slightly larger size and even grander features, making it the largest of our selected vessels. The M/V Aria was built in 2010 and launched in 2011, three years after the M/V Aqua.