Travel to Guatemala

Guatemala, a feast for the eyes and a mystery to the soul, is a fantastic yet unpredictable land, drenched in rich traditions, natural beauty, and a fascinating history. Your Southwind travel specialist will help you design a magical trip through Guatemala’s colorful heritage and customs, scenic highland lakes, huge emerging volcanoes, and the verdant jungle canopy containing the ancient Mayan temples of Tikal. Discover why the indigenous people living in this area prior to the Spanish conquest of 1523 named the area Guatemala, meaning “land of forests.”

Visiting Guatemala is witnessing the evolution of a country right before your very eyes, both naturally and culturally. While its complexities are astounding, you will adore its simplicities and love its people.
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Guatemala, a nation of descendants of the ancient Maya, offers a fascinating cultural and natural experience that will take you through colorful traditional markets, stunning nature reserves in the lush forest, lovely Spanish Colonial cities and World Heritage Sites such as the magnificent Tikal.
Length: 8 Days/7 Nights
Season: November – April
Land Cost: from $3,225