Galapagos Adventure: Cruise Vessels

Our Select Galápagos Cruises

To maximize your Galapagos adventure, Southwind works with a dozen of the foremost yachts operating in the Galápagos Islands. Criteria for choosing these vessels include:

Safety – all meet or surpass international construction and safety standards and have the best, modern navigational equipment.
Comfort – ship amenities include air-conditioning, private baths with 110/120v AC current and fresh hot and cold water, lower twin or double beds, spacious dining and lounge areas complete with library, TV, stereo and DVD, expansive sun/observation decks, and excellent Ecuadorian and international cuisine with fully stocked bars.
Guides – all vessels feature highly experienced, English-speaking naturalists, licensed by the Darwin Station (typically at level III, the best certification available).
Itineraries – each boat visits the most important sites in the archipelago as well as at least one of the outlying islands: Tower, Fernandina or Isabela. Any of the boats are available for private group charter.

The smaller vessels offer an intimate atmosphere ideal for couples or groups of friends and typically accommodate between 16 and 24 guests. The two berths of a catamaran offer increased stability.

galapagos adventure cruise
Type: 16 passenger Luxury Motor-catamaran
Length: 115 ft
Cruising speed: 14 knots

The newest catamaran in Galápagos, the Petrel offers a first-class way to visit these magical islands. Named after a sea bird common to Galápagos, the Petrel is like its namesake: elegant, swift and silent at sea.
galapagos adventure
Type: 16 passenger Luxury Motor-Catamaran
Length: 108 ft
Cruising speed: 14 knots

The elegant Cormorant incorporates the very best of Galápagos Catamaran design. The modern and ample accommodation includes Jacuzzi, huge sun deck and a private balcony for each of the spacious staterooms and suites.
galapagos cruise
Type: 16 passenger Luxury Motor-Catamaran
Length: 113 ft
Cruising speed: 15 knots

The stylish M/C Ocean Spray was built exclusively for cruising the Galápagos and, as one of the few Mega-Catamarans in the islands, offers the best performance and comfort. With 11 crew members for only 16 guests, you are ensured top-notch personalized service.
galapagos adventure cruise
Type: 16 passenger Superior First-Class Motor-yacht
Length: 138 ft
Cruising speed: 12 knots

A beautiful way to discover the Galapagos Islands is aboard a spacious boutique cruise yacht. The M/Y Sea Star Journey has all of the luxuries of home incorporated within her walls, and delivers one of the finest nature expeditions navigating the islands.
galapagos adventure cruise
Type: 20 passenger First-Class Motor-Yacht
Length: 113 ft
Cruising speed: 10 knots

The M/Y Coral II hosts 20 passengers in 10 spacious cabins. Ample common areas are perfect for socializing, or just reading a book on the sun terrace. After a day of exploring, you can return to the yacht and relax in the hammocks or enjoy the outdoor Jacuzzi.
Our mid-sized boats accommodate up to 50 passengers and feature a comfortable, relaxed environment perfect for clubs, schools and families that prefer more spacious surroundings while still enjoying a very personalized Galapagos adventure.

galapagos adventure
Type: 36 passenger First-Class Motor yacht
Length: 131 ft
Cruising speed: 10 knots

The M/Y Coral I accommodates 36 passengers in 18 comfortable cabins. The yacht has plenty of places to relax, including a sun terrace, reading area and hammocks. There is also a boutique aboard and an outdoor Jacuzzi.
galapagos adventure cruise
Type: 40 passenger Deluxe Motor-yacht
Length: 166 ft
Cruising speed: 10 knots

Refined Isabela II features amenities of a larger vessel while maintaining a tasteful yet relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Her facilities include a large bar and lounge, spacious semi-formal dining room, one of the Galápagos’ most complete libraries and an ample sun deck with Jacuzzi and solarium.
galapagos cruise
Type: 48 passenger Deluxe Motor yacht
Length: 207 ft
Cruising speed: 12 knots

As one of the islands’ newest vessels, La Pinta accommodates 48 passengers in luxurious comfort, and is an ideal size for cruising the waters of the Galápagos. Elegant public areas feature a stylish and modern atmosphere, with plenty of natural light and a nautical touch.
Larger ships carry up to 100 guests and are suited for more sizable gatherings including alumni groups and organizations with large memberships as well as for travelers preferring more formal surroundings, larger spaces, greater comfort and maximum stability.

Type: 90 passenger First-Class Cruise Vessel
Length: 235 ft
Cruising speed: 10.5 knots

Indoors and out, the Santa Cruz II offers handsome installations that make the most of the Galápagos, ensuring your stay on board will perfectly complement the day’s outings. It will launch its maiden voyage in October 2015.
Type: 100 passenger Boutique Expedition Ship
Length: 301 ft
Cruising speed: 15 knots

The M/V Legend features 58 cabins for 100 passengers, and was fully refurbished in early 2015 and recently remodeled in late 2016.This vessel is small enough to ensure peacefulness and personalized attention, yet has all the amenities of a larger ship.
For those who would prefer a land-based experience of the Galápagos, customize your trip with one of our choice lodges, each with daily excursions based from Santa Cruz Island. Read our cruise vs. hotel comparison on the Southwind blog

The Royal Palm is an upscale secluded hideaway nestled in the lush highlands of Santa Cruz Island in the heart of the Galápagos. Exclusive, spacious, and tastefully designed, the Royal Palm was built to complement this natural paradise. Royal Palm is the established leader in luxury suites in Galápagos, with a long history of prestigious and high-profile guests, including British royalty! Its outdoor pool, extensive gardens, and newly renovated dining area are sure to please family members of all ages.
The fanciful and exclusive Galápagos Safari Camp wins visitors over with every visit. A small luxury tented camp in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island, it offers a different and exotic way to experience Galápagos in a setting of rustic elegance. Guests stay in comfortable safari tents and spend time lounging and dining in the cozy main lodge. There is also a 3-bedroom family suite in addition to the 9 double tents. With an on-site farm, expansive views, an infinity pool, and nearby reserves of giant tortoises in the wild.
September 2014 will mark the opening of the newest addition to premier eco-luxury lodges on the island of Santa Cruz – Pikaia Lodge. Located on a hilltop with an amazing 360̊ panoramic view, it has earned elite status as a “Small Luxury Hotels of the World” member. A secluded property near the island’s best beaches, Pikaia is poised attract those seeking an ultimate land-based experience. The site has its own private giant tortoise reserve. Day excursions depart on the exclusive Pikaia I yacht according to 5-day and 8-day programs. Its sustainability accomplishments are many.
Finch Bay is the only hotel in Puerto Ayora town located on a white sand beach. Take a sea kayak out for a paddle, go diving, hiking, birdwatching or simply relax in a hammock on your veranda. Amenities include a pool, jacuzzi, open air bar, wireless internet, restaurant serving up a blend of seafood and international cuisine and AC in the rooms.